Happy Clients



Chance, sold in 2016 to Nicole. He moved from Indiana to the lovely state of Colorado for his sale. He is proving to be a stellar schooling horse. He is a sweet gelding in a happy home. Thank you Nicole for the updates, we are so pleased to hear he is doing well! I'm particularly proud of Chance. I knew right away that he was going to make a special horse for somebody. He had a quiet eye and beautiful movement when I met him. Nothing makes me more content than a making a good match for the horses and new owners. He's got a great new job doing good deeds teaching youth riders how to be great horsewomen. What lovely form they have. He is proving to be a talented XC and dressage horse, we can't wait to see more of this team's progress.

Wicked Keela Dressage


Keela is doing fantastic in her dressage and working on XC. This beautiful gray mare is the pride and joy of her new owner. She's coming along nicely and strutting her stuff in Colorado with Chance. She is the stable owner's personal horse.