Lesson Types

These are for anyone new to horses, returning to horses after years away, or new to us. After a basic understanding of grooming, tacking, walking, trotting, cantering, halting, steering, the rider can graduate into any of the following lesson types.

Basic English flat work lessons consisting of walk, posting trot, and canter. Also teaches two-point and half-seat. This builds the rider to move into either Jumping or dressage. This begins the understanding of feel and individual limb control required for subtle communication with your horse. Pre-requisites are Beginner riding lessons.


Lessons use Western tack and include Western Pleasure, trail for trail classes, and showmanship. Pre-requisites are beginner lessons.

Stiction is learning to ride through feel and active riding. The active rider moves with the horse, influences the horse's movements through mirroring. This allows the rider to build trust in their horse, to build a "sticky" seat, and to create a more graceful presentation. The sticky seat affords the rider not only greater communication but a safer ride as the rider feels the horse's every move preemptively. Stiction lessons apply to all riding types and is highly recommended.

This classical style of riding can be found in the Olympics. It involves more bodily control for the walk, trot, and canter and advanced movements like the half pass, shoulder in/out, haunches in/out, collected and extended gaits, pirouette, passage, leg yields, piaffe, and more. Includes Stitction. Stiction is riding through feel and having a solid seat. Pre-requisites are Beginner riding lessons and English flatwork.

The Hunter style of riding was developed to ensure comfort and safety of the horse and rider while travelling at speed and over fences. The goal of the Hunter rider is to produce a neat, rhythmical, and stylish round that shows their horse to the best of its ability. Lessons focus on safe, correct, and effective huntseat equitation both on the flat and over fences. Beginners can expect position, balance, and strength building exercises along with general good horsemanship. Intermediate and advanced riders will be challenged with more intricate coursework and grids to enhance and fine tune their skills as well as that of their horse. Pre-requisites include beginner lessons and English riding, and Stiction.

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To schedule a lesson please select the type you would like. If applicable, it will ask you to select an instructor. You will then select the day and time you prefer and be able to set it to a weekly recurring time. Only the available times will be the only times shown in the drop-down. Invite a friend to a private lesson by adding them for just $20 more!